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Lime pointing

Unlike modern cement-based products, lime-based materials let structures ‘breathe’ by allowing water to enter and leave the walls freely as conditions vary outside. Cement pointing traps water when it enters through cracks and they prevent it from leaving the structure, causing damp and subsequent damage.


As they are harder than most traditional materials, cements also cause “preferential erosion” whereby the softer bricks and stone will erode in preference to the cement. This is a common and unsightly feature of older buildings which have been unsuccessfully re-pointed. Lime mortars, by contrast, are softer than most materials and will therefore erode sacrificially, keeping the original material intact.

Lime pointing is more suitable for use in older buildings(pre1914) because it allows for some movement without cracking – essential in buildings which do not have conventional foundations. If small cracks do appear and if little further movement takes place lime mortars and renders are capable of “autogenous” or self-healing

Cement pointing

More modern houses require sand and cement mortar, the majority of these houses will have a cavity wall which will allow the building to breathe and stops water being trapped which would usually cause damp among other issues.
 Most builders will only use one type of pointing style for all styles of brickwork.

We offer different mortars and different styles of pointing which can be used to suit the existing brickwork of your property.

Brick and stone replacement

We remove damaged and spalled bricks from existing walls and replace them with matching bricks to suit existing.

Crack stitching

This is the masonry repair method used on cracked walls ensuring that they are reinforced.

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